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I Don't Get Flu Vaccine - and My Doc's Not OK With That

I've been traumatized. My hip female doc is on maternity leave and an old-fashioned man was covering for my physical. Not impressed. Within the first 5 minutes of the appointment, when the promotion of half-cooked dead cow for protein became the topic of conversation, I knew we were off to a bad start. Actually, no, before that . . . reading the "how to feed my baby chart" which promoted meat, high-fat dairy, and eggs, that's when I knew this would be interesting.

So despite my having:

Below average blood pressure

A history of no medications

No issues and nothing further to investigate

High energy

Lowest BMI without being too skinny

and being suprisingly absent from the doctors office in general, it seems to make sense that I need to add meat to my diet (not just meat, but red meat).

Did I miss something?

In 2009, over 37% of Canadians were considered overweight and 24% obese. More than 9 million Canadians have diabetes.In 2005 (and this has increased) 27 million people were on antidepressants. Clearly, I need to change something. Hmmm.

"So you don't have low energy? Really? No complaints at all? Well, I guess I can't even send you for a full CBC then...?" he said dejectedly.

And then . . . the bomb - "Well, have you had your HPV shot this year?"  - drops.

No, no, I haven't. (Oh, please let it stop at that.) "What about the flu vaccine"? No such luck.

"Absolutely not."

"Ohhh kay. Any particular reason why?"

"Well, yes, there are a few particular reasons why, but I'd rather not get into them and I'm quite sure you wouldn't want to hear, anyway."

"No, in fact, actually I would. I would like to hear."

I said, "Why would I get a vaccine if I never get sick?"

 He said "Do you wear a seatbelt?"


"Have you been in a major accident?"


"See, it's preventative."

"Sure, but unlike a 4-car pileup, I don't mind getting the common cold. It's called: building your immune system."

I went on to say: "I guess it's also the fearmongering capitalist venture that any vaccine represents that is the biggest turnoff. Then there's the possibility that it's a governmental conspiracy to inject us with something that slowly turns us into robots (you can watch this lobotomy affect in full force via flu shot lineups -- pregnant women get first priority!!!).

Finally, he just threw up his hands and said "Well, it's your choice! I'm just offering! Free flu shot! Take advantage!" He looked at me with great expectations, hoping that the allure of something free would put me over the edge. It didn't. I haven't had so much as the sniffles in over three years.

Scary stuff.


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