Hyunjoo Kim, an American Airlines passenger, was arrested at Orlando International Airport on Wednesday, because she allegedly slapped a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent and shoved another while going through a security checkpoint.

Kim became upset when she was patted down during the screening process, according to the airport police report.

When told she had prohibited items, Kim became angry and swung several times at a TSA officer and slapped her on the face. Kim then shoved another TSA officer several times while trying to get her baggage, reports ClickOrlando.com.

Kim was yelling profanities at TSA officers when airport police arrived. She denied hitting anyone, despite multiple witnesses.

Kim was booked into the Orange County jail on two counts of battery on transit agents.

The TSA released a statement on Thursday: “TSA takes the safety of our Officers very seriously and any physical assault on our Officers will be referred for criminal prosecution."


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