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Husband Loses 70 Pounds To Save His Wife's Life (Photo)

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After spending a year losing 70 pounds in order to donate a kidney to his wife, Alabama man P.J. Spraggins finally met his ideal weight.

Tracy Spraggins has been battling Lupus her entire life, but she discovered one year ago that if she didn’t get a kidney transplant the disease would kill her. However, the waiting list for a kidney was seven years long. So, when Mr. Spraggins discovered that he was a match for his wife, he decided to give one of his kidneys up.

The Spraggins met an obstacle when they discovered that Mr. Spraggins’ blood pressure was too high to perform the transfer.

“They said I was a perfect match but they wanted to check I was healthy and met their requirements,” Mr. Spraggins said. “They sent me a blood pressure monitor, but they didn’t like the numbers.”

Refusing to accept that, he decided to embark on a fitness regime. Over the period of one year, Mr. Spraggins lost 70 pounds and finally got the results he wanted. In February, the couple went under the knife together.

“The way my kidney function is now, it’s at 100 percent,” Mrs. Spraggins said. “And It’s at the best it’s ever been.”

Since the surgery, friends of the Spraggins' have set up a fund to financially support them while they recover and are unable to work. To donate to the fund, click here.

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Sources: DailyMail, KMOV

Photo Credit: DailyMail, Facebook, KMOV


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