Hundreds Of Maggots Found Inside Man's Ear (Video)


A man in India had to have hundreds of maggots removed from inside his ear, and now, the disgusting footage has been posted online.

According to reports, houseflies invaded the man’s ear while he slept, and eventually, hundreds of maggots infested the inside. The creatures fed off of the man’s flesh for some time before doctors were able to go in and, one by one, remove the maggots.

Dr. Vikram Yadav, who performed the procedure and uploaded the clip to Facebook, says that the man would have likely died if they didn’t remove the maggots when they did, as the tiny creatures would have eventually burrowed into his brain.

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In the clip, Yadav is seen plucking out each individual maggot from the man’s ear and placing them into a plastic tube. Reports say that the condition the man suffered from is known as aural myasis, and while it’s generally found more in children, cases have been found in people traveling internationally.

“If anybody sleeps, a child, an old person, and you see any houseflies there, put some cloth on their face so they don’t enter into the orifices and lay their eggs,” said Yadav. “Prevention is better.”

Reports also note that the fatality rate for people who contract aural myasis is around eight percent.

Sources: Mirror UK, Daily Mail


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