Human Life Alliance Back And More Determined For You To Have Your Rapist's Baby


The Human Life Alliance, a Minnesota anti-choice activist group, is back to hitting college campuses, this time with a new face to their publication.

Via the Daily Iowan:

The cover of a 12-page advertising supplement included in Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Iowan featured pictures of battered women and victims of rape, accompanied with the words “You can stop injustice.”

Contrary to what you’d expect, the contents of this packet were filled with extremist anti-abortion propaganda. This pamphlet, which was funded by the Human Life Alliance, made the absurd assertions, among others, that victims of rape and incest would be better off without the option of abortion and that Planned Parenthood is a eugenics organization.

There is a difference between a newspaper providing the space for an organization to logically express its point of view and a newspaper giving legitimacy to offensive and fanatical claims. The ad was blatantly trying to mislead readers. It took advantage of the faces and suffering of victims of rape, domestic violence, and racism, and used them for its own benefit.

A closer look at the newest publication of the Human Life Alliance shows that they've repackaged their old material into a new "newspaper," this one claiming that giving up birth control and carrying your unwanted pregnancy to term, even if it was a result of rape, will now cure all of the evils of the world.  Of course, aside from the cover, there doesn't appear to be any actual mentions of domestic violence, homelessness, or sex trafficking, much less how their suggested actions can help prevent these social ills.

No, instead you still get misinformation about fetal development, lies about birth control and abortions, and a push to have your rapist's baby.

Some things never change.  Especially if they are in an HLA publication.


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