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Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, Admits She Starves Herself, Lives Off Of Light And Air

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, who calls herself a “human Barbie,” has revealed that she has become a Breatharian – someone who never eats or drinks.

While plastic surgery and Photoshop have been credited with creating her startling Barbie-like image, the 23-year-old model now says she is training herself to live off only light and air to keep her very thin waist.

“In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

The practice of Breatharianism has been criticized for being a possible deadly pseudoscience; some people have reportedly died of starvation.

Lukyanova lives her life as a “human Barbie” because she believes that is the definition of perfection and wants to be considered “the most perfect woman on the Internet.”

Her striking image and the things she’s said have garnered her international attention.

In the past, she has claimed she is a spiritual teacher, who can travel through time, have out-of-body experiences and speak with aliens through light.

She also believes she is from another planet and is not human.

Another woman has recently taken drastic measures to become a human Barbie as well. Blondie Bennett, 38, from California, is currently undergoing hypnotherapy to become “brainless.”

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Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times


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