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How Yoga Will Win the Super Bowl

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What, you guys don’t play football in the jungle with coconuts?

It’s rumored by sources, such as YogaDork, that both Super Bowl team rosters (the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers) contain a fair share of yogis. Most people will assume this is because yoga is a wonderful way to improve flexibility– which it is. However, I believe that yoga is an even greater asset to an athlete’s mental game.

Consider that the purpose of yoga, as stated in the Yoga Sutras, an ancient text outlining the basic tenets of yoga practice, is to “still the fluctuations of the mind.” Through asana (yoga poses) and other non-physical aspects of the practice, yogis cultivate the ability to quiet their minds on and off the mat. Yes, even in Cowboys Stadium, today.

With the unspeakable noise, adrenaline, and opportunities for distraction, the winner of Super Bowl XLV is not likely to be the team with the most players who are able to touch their toes, but, rather, keep a cool, quiet mind under pressure.


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