How Weight Loss Transformations are Faked for Diet Ads (Infographic)


A new web campaign called "Weight Loss Fakers" is exposing how weight loss commercials and ads create deceptive before-and-after body transformations.

The "Weight Loss Fakers" infographic (below) was created by, which states:

Don’t be fooled by weight loss products that claim to help you lose weight fast by doing absolutely nothing: Not only is this unnatural, but it’s unhealthy, and it might even come with fine print concerning negative effects on your well-being.

The "Weight Loss Fakers" project wants to show the public how body images can easily be faked without image-manipulating software such as Photoshop.

Some of the tricks of the trade to look thinner include: wearing black clothes, styling hair outwards (or even using hair extensions) to create a slimmer-looking face, sucking in your gut, standing straight up in a wide stance at an angle, shaving your face and chest, and tanning your skin.

“We collaborated with fitness professionals who were brave enough to come forward and reveal how weight loss can easily be falsified in those before-and-after photos without even having to use Photoshop, just by simply taking measures like sucking in your stomach or applying a fake tan," a rep from told

"Most have been featured on diet advertisements or as personal trainers and have been quite vocal on this topic so we acquired their permission to use their images as part of the campaign," added

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