How Trauma Can Affect The Brain

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Today, I have exciting news. But first, a few questions:

Since your trauma, have you noticed that your brain just doesn’t seem to function the way it used to? Do you feel it’s tough to concentrate and focus? Do you process things more slowly, or not at all? Do you have trouble finding language? Do you think more slowly and get overwhelmed more quickly? I’m guessing you answered, Yes!, to at least one if not all of these questions. Me, too.

Studies have proven that trauma does, in fact, alter the brain in significant ways. We know, too, that recovery can alter things again. Dealing with the effects of the change is tough, so it helps to understand just what, exactly, happens to your brain after trauma, plus how to treat it and what you can expect through the recovery process.

Because this issue affects all of us in some way or another, I’ve chosen it as the topic for the first episode of my new radio show, Your Life After Trauma. On Thursdays from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST we now have a radio show just for us to learn from experts about how to navigate the post-trauma treatment and recovery process.

Airing live here in Florida on 95.9AM/960AM – and also streaming online so you can listen anywhere! – this weekly program will bring you live education and support through:

  • Professional interviews
  • Survivor interviews
  • Recovery Tip of the Week
  • PTSD News
  • Healing Thought of the Week
  • Email Questions Answered
  • On-air coaching

This show is for you: In addition to listening in, this is also your chance to ask questions. What do you want to know about how trauma affects your brain? You can call the show (1.800.960.9960), leave a comment here and/or post your questions on the Heal My PTSD fanpage.

To read about this week’s guests on Your Life After Trauma, click here(You can also sign up for updates about show topics and guests.)

If you would like to be a part of the show and discuss how your brain seems to operate differently since your trauma, contact me here.

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