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How to Tell if Your Kid Smokes Marijuana

It is difficult to protect your children from drugs -- they are seemingly all over. It's debatable, but many people feel marijuana is a gateway drug, leading to harder drugs. Knowing whether your children are smoking marijuana could stop them from going down the path of addiction.

The web site for Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong" foundation has a five step plan for determining if your children are using pot:

Step 1: Observe Behavior
The National Institute of Health (NIH) says the behavior of children who smoke marijuana could change. writes:

Some behavioral clues to look for include changes in their choice of friends, a decline in school attendance an increased secretiveness regarding activities and possessions and using "coded" language when conversing with their peers. Another behavior to look out for is the increased use of deodorizers, incense and perfume to cover up smoke odors.

Step 2: Physical Signs
Marijuana use obviously manifests itself physically, such as bloodshot eyes, being silly or giggly, slowed speech or having trouble recalling things that just happened, according to the NIH.

Step 3: Look for Drug Paraphernalia
Often times drug paraphernalia accompanies marijuana use, including rolling paper, bongs and pipes. The Drug Enforcement Agency also warns that common household items can also be used for marijuana.

Step 4: Watch Spending Habits
Marijuana costs money. If your child is suddenly spending more money or asking for extra money, that could be a warning sign.

Step 5: Get Drug Test
If you see some of the above signs, you might want to consider taking your child to a doctor for a drug test. That would give you the definite answer.

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