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How to Have Fun with Your Children

Children can be such a joy to be around! They have an exuberance that is catching. They know how to enjoy themselves with the simplest of things. If you’re usually stressed, you may not know how to have fun with your children. Try using some of these ideas – you’ll soon be acting just as silly as your children.

It’s not unusual for parents to forget how to enjoy their children because they have so much on their minds. Parents can easily become overwhelmed when their children are young. They’re concerned about their children’s safety, and they want to ensure their children are healthy. However, you don’t want your children to grow up and miss out on having fun with you. Here are some tips.

When it’s time to tuck your children into bed, pull out a story book and read them a bedtime story. Instead of reading it in a normal voice, create a new silly voice for each character. Of course, in the process of reading you may accidentally (or on purpose) talk in a female voice when the character is a male. Exaggerate the voices and your children will get the giggles. Once they start to giggle set the book down and tickle them to get them laughing harder. If you can get them settled down they should fall right to sleep and with a smile on their face.

Set aside some time to have some fun teaching your children to cook. Find an easy recipe where your children can do most of the work. Don’t worry about the mess they make because it will clean. Invariably the children will get more flour or other ingredients on themselves. Take pictures of them, mess and all, so you have something to remember the day of fun.

Plan a day to play video games with them. If you have a computer console where more than one person can play at a time, find games which you can play together. Don’t be surprised if your kids whoop up on you, though, since they have had more experience playing these games.

If it’s nice outdoors, go outside and play with them. Toss a ball or play hopscotch. If the weather is cold and snowy you could always have a snowball fight. Think of games you played as a child. If you had fun playing them it’s a good chance your children will have fun, too.

Build a fort in your living room using the cushions from the furniture, pillow and blankets. Help your children use their imagination as you play with them. Does your child have a teddy bear that can walk the plank or a doll that can be held in a castle tower? If you use your imagination your child will try to do the same thing.

After you’ve taken time to play and have fun with your child, don’t forget to do things which are fun for you. You need time to regenerate yourself. You may find you’re more relaxed and less cranky if you have fun with your children. It’s even possible you’ll be less cranky and more fun with your partner, too.


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