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How To Enjoy Holiday Drinks Without Expanding Your Waistline

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Spending time with friends and family is a great way to spend the holidays, and for many of you that means getting together and sharing a few cocktails. Holiday drinking can be fun and enjoyable but for those of us who are trying to watch our waistlines this holiday season, even having a few drinks can set us back a few notches. It’s important to remember that all alcoholic drinks contain calories and these can add up very quickly! But don’t fret, there is still a way to enjoy a few holiday drinks without overdoing it!

Tips to follow when choosing drinks:

1. Try to keep your limit to no more than 1-2 drinks for women or 2-3 drinks for men, any more and the benefits of moderate drinking is thrown out the window

2. Avoid making drinks with heavily sweetened mixers which contain a significant amount of calories from simple carbohydrates

3. If drinking beer, choose a light beer

4. Drink out of smaller glasses or tall, skinny glasses

5. Mix drinks with seltzer or water as they add no additional calories

6. Measure out alcohol content precisely instead of guessing

7. When making mixed drinks try loading your glass up with ice to cut the amount of alcohol and other mixers you will use

8. Drink a glass of water between beverages to fill you up and help rehydrate your body

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