Creating Workout Schedule=More Likely to Exercise

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

  • Every Sunday (or whichever day you chose) sit down with your weekly calendar and decide how many days of exercise you can commit to based on your goals and schedule.
  • Keep a fitness journal and hold yourself accountable for your workouts. (Sometimes even posting about it online, or asking a friend to follow up gives you that extra motivation to not skip a workout).
  • Schedule rest days! Always listen to your body.
  • Mix it up and try new things. I often will schedule Zumba, TurboJam, P90x, or Yoga into my week to keep things fresh!
  • Put it somewhere you will see it every day. I write mine right into my planner so I have to cross it off just like any other item on my to-do list.
  • As always, consult a physician before starting any fitness regimen.

Be sure your schedule includes a mix of:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility (stretching)

Tips for the cardiovascular part of your workout:

  • Include a warmup.
  • Keep your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes if possible.
  • Include a cooldown.
  • Give intervals a try if your goal is to lose weight.

Tips for the strength training part of your workout:

  • Be sure to include a 5-minute warmup.
  • Don’t have time to work every muscle group in one workout? No problem! Try breaking your workouts into “A” days and “B” days, with A focusing on upper body and core, and B focuses on lower body and core.
  • Be sure to include a 5-minute cool down (this is crucial for strength training, as failure to do so may cause dizziness or even fainting).

An example plan:

  • Sunday: Rest Day
  • Monday: 30 minute cardio, strength training “A” day, and stretching.
  • Tuesday: Yoga
  • Wednesday: 30 minute cardio, strength training “B” day, and stretching.
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: 30 minute cardio and stretching.
  • Saturday: 30 minute cardio, strength training “A” day, and stretching.

What are your best tips for creating a workout schedule?


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