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How to Control Excessive Sweating

Easy steps to reduce sweating:

Human body is linked with various linked networks of organs, glands, cells, tissues etc. There can be various causes of beading with sweat. Excessive sweating in medical term is called as Hyperhidrosis.

Several very common factors are grouped as the cause of sweating like excess intake of meat, fish, garlic, alcohol, coffee, irregular metabolism, hypertension or stress. Non-veg foods if taken in large quantity then results in damnable sink. Body drench otherwise id odorless till bacteria is formed.

Various effective natural remedies:

Hyperhidrosis is a very natural body activity.It’s advised to keep your excess sweat affected area very cleaning by washing them thoroughly with medicinal soap and then apply mustard oil. Baking soda has alkaline properties and sweat is acid.

After sprinkling soda in powder form the gas formed of which vapors evaporate instantly. It’s very effective to reduce bad odor by killing the bacteria. Try one to use the unclean clothes and stick to very clean cotton, airy garments. Applying anti perspirant suitable to your body type is quite helpful but more in aluminum chloride.

Don't go for any self medication on self analysis, before you get to know the type of skin and better consult a doctor first, as many options are available in market. Many people with dry skin found that it’s extremely helpful rubbing of the tomato pulp on armpits or other affected areas. To prevent growing of bacteria under arm, wax is also available. Unchanged bed sheets for long time linger the organisms contact with body, so use clean linens.

Bathing is very important twice a day, which helps to reduce the bacteria. As for reduction in toxins give green tea a try, to see the results.
Application of cider vinegar at under arms proves very beneficial. Nicely rub the affected areas with vinegar.

The skin and pores can be kept clean by using alum. Try to include lot of green vegetables in your meals and drink lot of water as it's a very natural all time cheap remedy to indulge in prevention. Working out is good but excess will harm our body. Excess physical activity turns one white hot.

Some sweat glands in the various parts of body are too hyperactive. If you are suffering from the disorder of sweaty feet then certain measures shall be effective for you in its prevention:


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