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How Old is Too Old to Sleep With Your Kids?

Ok, another question I have.  Up until when do you sleep with your child? 

My boyfriend’s son used to sleep with us, and then I had to put a stop to that because not only was I not getting any sleep, but he’s five years old and I feel that he should be able to sleep on his own.  We live in a small one-bedroom apartment, so it’s not like he’s that far, literally around the corner from our bedroom. 

Then I tried to push for the son to fall asleep in our bed since we stay up later (obviously), and then move him to the sofa bed when we’re ready to go to bed, which works sometimes - but he’s been requesting to sleep with his father. He wants his dad to sleep with him, which my boyfriend does. I saw this clip on The View and part of it makes sense (so I think) - the child may be bonding with his father because he sees him every other weekend, sometimes less than that, so I feel it’s his time to be with him, but at the same time should my boyfriend be more discplined in telling his son to fall asleep on his own?

I always feel like I sound like a cruel “B”, but I’m innocently curious. How do you handle putting your child(ren) to bed?


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