How "My Name is Earl" Star Ethan Suplee Lost 200 Pounds


Often portrayed as a slovenly titan on TV, actor Ethan Suplee has lost 200 pounds in the past 11 years -- and he didn't go on a tricky fad diet or get stomach surgery.

His secret? "I ride road bikes," he told gossip site TMZ. "I wear Spandex and everything."

Suplee began dropping the pounds after he starred in the Kevin Smith-helmed movie "Mallrats" in 1995. He bet Smith that he could lose more weight than him in the next 10 years -- and won the bet. (It should be noted that Smith has also lost a chunk of weight himself.)

After Suplee starred alongside Jason Lee in "Mallrats" the pair reunited for two more Smith films, "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma," and then for their hit TV show "My Name is Earl," which ran from 2005 to 2009.

He also played Nazi skinhead Seth in "American History X."


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