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Do Autism Parents Buy into Vaccine Causation? Not Much

Yeah, they are loud. They are on the internet forums. They are on the blogs. They are seemingly a huge presence. Who am I talking about? The people who push the idea that there is an epidemic of autism caused by vaccines. Stop vaccinating, they say, and autism will go away.

Yeah, we all hear the message. Some people buy into the idea that vaccines can cause autism. But, do they really believe that their child was made autistic by vaccines?

People who believe that their child was injured by vaccines in the U.S. can apply for compensation from the government. They “petition” the government. If you’ve followed this story, you’ve no doubt heard that over 5,000 families have petitioned the government claiming autism as a vaccine injury.

How many people petitioned the government in 2009?


Yep, fewer than one a month. About 250 times fewer than the peak. The 2010 count is much lower than the 2009 count (108) that I wrote about last year.

Here’s a graph of the number of petitions by year,
from the U.S. government statistics.

The Natural Variation Autism Blog discusses the fact that the number of reports to VAERS system, and the number of autism/vaccine news stories has dropped dramatically too.


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