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How Jessica Alba Kept Her Figure During Pregnancy

I can't help but think Jessica Simpson (sugar and saturated fat x 10) and Jessica Alba (restraint, moderation) took different approaches to their pregnancies. Alba told Us Weekly (via Showbiz Spy):

"I didn’t gain as much weight with my second pregnancy, so I think that really made a big difference. I did pre-natal yoga up until the very end. I just made healthier choices. I started working out and not going too crazy, but I did what was safe and what the doctor approved."

Aw, isn't Jessica Alba sweet? She's trying to soften the blow to her fat friend Jessica Simpson when the weight doesn't come off. The problem isn't the baby weight, the problem is Jessica. Something left her feeling as if there were a piece missing from her life, and she's been filling the void with cake, lots and lots of cake (my guess is Tony Romo and that dong of his). Jessica Alba, enjoy the presents that your husband Cash buys you with your money, Simpson is gonna have to figure this out on her own. What's important here is that Alba is back to form, so all's right with the world.


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