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How good are you at handling a change?

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How would you react to someone who says: “We need to change the way we are doing this,” or: “Your room has to be shifted to your brother’s room”?  If you are like most of us, your instant reaction would be hesitant, questioning, and not at east. Fortunately, I am not one of them, but I can completely understand you, and other people who are struggling with change, at work, at home, with family and more.

I would like to share with you a few tips that would help you understand that CHANGE is something we all need to undergo, at some point to time, for our growth. It is part of life, part of our maturity.

Attitude – Altitude

  • “A seed would not turn into a plant, if it did not want to change. There should be force within it to let it come out as a plant and then a tree.  An egg will not change into a chicken if it is not willing to apply the force within. A force within it gives it a life, whereas a force from outside would only break it.”

Evidently, we need to have a force within to initiate a change in ourselves. Without change, we cannot grow. Without growth, we cannot progress. Handling a change is all about our PERCEPTION towards a change. We always decide to change, thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead! And when a change is forced upon us, we rebel, just like kids or teenagers. So, we should develop a positive attitude towards change and think of it as a chance for us to grow

Plan your future and LIVE the moment

Live in the present moment, but plan for the future. If you keep thinking about the past, and rethinking every possible scenario in the future, then change can sound miserable to you. So just plan your future with a positive attitude and live your present moments to it’s extend. Enjoy the moment and do not worry about the relationship that you let go. Always remember! Holding on to something is just being brave; moving on by letting it go makes us stronger and happier.

·           Open up to New Possibilities

When you hold one possibility, one problem and obsess on it, it would look as if it is blocking your whole view on things. Now, step back and look at the big picture. This will help you removing yourself from the problem and be open to many possibilities, often times, possibilities you did not even imagine! Remember that everyone is different; you may find that a certain strategy for handling change works well for you, but not for someone else. Make it your goal to find strategies that work for you, and be a role model for children around you.

Original article written by Etel Leit, SignShine®


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