How Do You Treat Diabetes?

Sometimes treating diabetes takes a combination of strategies to keep blood sugar down

Type 2 diabetesthat affects adults usually requires several steps to control the disease. Some situations in life contribute to higher levels of blood glucose, such as stress. It is important to try to keep stress levels as low as possible. Diabetics can often benefit by learning to manage stress levels so that they do not have sudden spikes in their blood sugar if a stressful event happens.

Losing extra pounds reduces blood glucose levels in many people

Some people have lost a substantial amount of weight and are no longer diabetic. This doesn't happen in every case, but each extra pound that you lose often helps you control your diabetes. People who are obese and have high body mass indexes (BMIs) tend to develop diabetes more often.

Diet is vital to controlling diabetes

A diet that is balanced is key to treating diabetes. Doctors usually recommend that he diet should be low in fat with no more than 30 percent fat each day. It should also be high in fiber and include beans and lean meat, including fish and poultry. Eating many different fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain foods are best for diabetics.

Exercise helps keep sugar levels down too

Some form of exercise is very important for diabetics because staying active helps keep sugar levels under control, or at least it is one of the steps that often helps control glucose levels. Exercise does not need to be in a gym, although that is great if you want to work out on a variety of equipment or work with a personal trainer. Formal exercise isn't always necessary if you stay active. You can take a long walk in the park and get adequate exercise, or play a sport that you enjoy several times a week and walk on other days.

Medication is usually prescribed if diet and exercise do not control the diabetes

Diabetic medicationin the form of pills are sometimes given to patients if their glucose levels are high and considered to be out of control. The medication helps level and regulate blood sugar so that it does not fluctuate from lows to highs. Keeping it stable is the goal of using medication as a way of treating diabetes.Metforminis commonly prescribed by doctors for their patients with diabetes. If this or other medications are not helpful, then the patient may require insulin injections to treat the diabetes.


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