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Low-Fat Diet May Actually Increase Chance of Heart Disease

A recent 8-year, $415 million health study demonstrated that a low fat diet does not reduce the risk of heart disease or cancer. You may have read something about this study in February or March this year.

What you probably didn’t read was the fact that this extensive study not only found the low-fat diet to be useless, but in some cases it actually made heart problems worse.

In fact, there is growing evidence that inflammatory responses in the body are far more likely to create serious chronic, life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

What are the things that contribute to this kind of inflammation?

  • Excess omega-6 vegetable oils
  • Elevated insulin and blood sugar
  • Chronic stress
  • Insufficient antioxidants
  • A diet of processed foods lacking critical nutrients such as omega-3 fats, magnesium, selenium, zinc, folate, and vitamin D

Of course, each of us is unique in our need for specific nutrients, but practically everyone can benefit from making improvements in these five areas.


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