Doctors Remove Nine Magnets From Texas Toddler's Stomach


A Houston, Texas, toddler was hospitalized after swallowing nine magnets. 

Ava Kendall, 2, grabbed the magnets off the refrigerator, according to ABC 13. The small, silver magnets — which could be fashioned into different shapes — resembled cake decorations.

Ava swallowed nine of them.

A short time later, the toddler reportedly began screaming in pain while clutching her stomach. Her mother rushed her to a clinic, where she was diagnosed with a stomach flu. The family then went to a children’s hospital, where a scan revealed that she had nine pellets inside of her.

“Magnets find each other, even [through] skin,” the toddler’s mother, Lexi Kendall, told ABC 13.

“They had burrowed in her intestines, creating holes," Lexi added.

Ava underwent surgery to repair the tears in her intestines and control an infection that occurred from the magnets.

"She's been fighting to live," Lexi said.

The very same magnets had been previously banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because of other cases in which children would swallow them. The Kendalls had no idea of the ban.

The toddler is now improving, though she is still in intensive care.

“Don't have any magnets,” Lexi Kendall warned other parents. “If you have magnets, get them away. On top of a bookshelf or refrigerator isn't enough."

Sources: ABC 13, KHOU / Photo credit: KHOU

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