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House Freedom Caucus Calls For Clean Obamacare Repeal

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As the GOP grapples with its pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act, commonly known as "Obamacare," some House Republicans have turned their focus to "repeal" rather than "replace." Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has called for Congress to outright repeal Obamacare in the face of its controversial replacement bill.

"Our goal is to bring down the cost of insurance for working families and middle-class families across this country," Jordan said March 7, reports "To do that, you have to get rid of Obamacare completely."

Jordan is the co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, the group that critiqued the GOP's American Health Care Act for creating entitlement programs without reducing insurance costs or premiums.

“This is a Republican welfare entitlement,” a memo from the Republican Study Committee reads, notes Politico. “Writing checks to individuals to purchase insurance is, in principle, Obamacare. It does allow more choices for individuals, and is more patient-centered, but is fundamentally grounded on the idea that the federal government should fund insurance purchases.”

"Just repeal Obamacare, pass the exact same thing that every single Republican 15 months ago, in the Congress, voted for," Jordan told Fox News on March 8. "Put that same legislation on President Trump's desk. The same thing we put on President Obama's desk."   

"That is what we told the voters we were going to do: clean repeal, and then replace it with a model that empowers families, and one that I actually think, and this should be the focus, brings down the cost of premiums," Jordan later added. "That's what people, in the end, care about. Working-class families, middle-class families, care about the price of their premiums and deductibles. And, right now, they're going through the roof under Obamacare."

Jordan's criticism is met by Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Jordan's home state, who also attacked the figures in the AHCA.

"This plan does nothing to lower healthcare costs for Ohioans, but hands a huge tax break to drug companies and insurance executives who jack up their prices," Brown said, reports

"Trumpcare will make health insurance in America measurably worse in just about every way and likely leave more Americans uninsured," Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York added, according to The Hill.

"This will be a plan where you can choose your doctor, this will be a plan where you can choose your plan," President Donald Trump countered on March 7. "I think we're going to have a tremendous success. It's a complicated process, but actually, it's very simple. It's called good healthcare."

Sources: Fox News,, Politico, The Hill / Photo Credit: Jim Jordan/Facebook

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