Baby Dies Of Meningitis Just After Vaccine Deadline


A baby died of meningitis just one month too late — right after the vaccine deadline.

Amelia Scudder died at the age of 7 months, and showed virtually no symptoms of meningitis B before her death. Just hours before her death, her mother noticed that she had rosy cheeks and a high temperature.

"She was born on April 7 last year so she missed out on the catch-up meningitis B vaccine by just one month," Scudder's mother, 21-year-old Jade, said.

"She might still be alive if she had been given the vaccine. I want other parents to know it’s not only a rash that can be a warning sign."

The devastated mother said that children born before a certain date are unable to get the vaccination that would have saved her daughter's life without having to pay for it.

"It's absolutely crazy that children born before a certain date don't get the vaccination and their parents will have to go private," she said.

Jade shared a photo of the moment just before her daughter died as a way to raise awareness about the deadly virus.

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"What’s important to remember is that signs your child might have meningitis are not just visible from a distinctive rash, the symptoms can take shape in a number of ways," she said.

"With Amelia, it all happened so quickly. From me [realizing] something was wrong to Amelia passing away all happened in one day."

Sources: Metro, Essex Chronicle / Photo credit: Metro, Telegraph

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