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Great Tips for Getting Hotel Exercise

Away on business, the last thing that goes tends to go through an exec’s mind is exercise. After all those meetings, flights, cab rides and project deadlines, most business people have little enough time to rest, let alone workout.

That’s why you need to be smart if you’re going to stay on top of your health, away from home. Forget the hotel gym for starters. Unless you want to queue for the few pieces of cardio kit in there, or keep the inflatable exercise ball company, it’s not ideal when time is of the essence. What’s more, depending on the hotel you get booked into, their idea of a gym can be very different to yours, often buried in the basement with no natural light and no air con!

So if you want to stay fit on your travels, you need to learn the best exercises you can do in your hotel room.

Exercising in privacy gives you more flexibility, saves you time, and can be fitted in before a shower or while waiting for room service. There are hundreds of exercises you could choose from, but to begin with focus on the basics. When putting together a quick and simple hotel room workout, I tend to opt for the following exercises:

Squats – Push Ups – Bicycle Crunches – Floor Bridges

Doing these 4 exercises in a circuit fashion – 10 reps of each one in turn before repeating 2-3 times – will be enough to work your whole body and give you a simple, yet effective, workout. 2-3 rounds should take you no longer than 5-10 minutes at the most and with some basic stretching added in, you should be back to work within 15 minutes.

To make sure your workout fits into your busy schedule, aim to do it in the morning before you have your shower, or in the late afternoon, before you get ready to head out for business dinners or social events.

10 minutes of exercise will be enough to fight off jet-lag, help you sleep better, and stave off those excess pounds that can creep up unexpectedly while you’re away!


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