Hospital Tells 331-Pound Man He Must Get MRI At The Vet


An overweight Italian patient says his local hospital sent him away and told him to get an MRI at a facility that serves "large animals."

The 331-pound man, identified only as O.M., went into a Veneto hospital for a knee problem. He says he was shamed by health care workers.

"You are too fat for our equipment, go and get an MRI at the vet. There they have facilities for large animals,” a worker told him.

O.M. told the Il Messaggero that he felt "very uncomfortable when they said such a thing.”

Veneto’s President, Luca Zaia, has since apologized for the incident.

“We must apologize on everyone’s behalf to the patient and citizen,” Zaia said. “There was a severe lack of sensibility and it’s not true that the [right] equipment was missing: health care in Veneto is cutting-edge.”

Sources: New York Daily News, The Local

Image credit: Jan Ainali


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