Hospital Patient Brutally Beats Nurse Taking Care Of Him

A New York nurse is in critical condition after a patient senselessly beat her on Friday.

The nurse, 70-year-old Evelyn Lynch, is in critical condition.

Lynch was caring for patient Kwincii Jones at Brookdale University Hospital on Friday. After Lynch took out Jones’ catheter, he became inexplicably agitated and beat Lynch. Police say Jones struck Lynch’s head, knocked her to the floor, and kicked her as she lay on the ground.

A fellow nurse heard the assault and called police. Lynch was quickly transported to Kings County Hospital Center where she remains in critical condition.

Lynch already underwent brain surgery at the hospital. She suffered numerous facial fractures from the attack as well.

“The whole family [is] very distraught over this, and we're asking for all the prayers we can get,” close friend and doctor Marvo Forde said. “We never expected [this to happen] in a place she was caring for a patient.”

One of Lynch’s Brookdale colleagues spoke to CBS New York about the attack.

“...She was a sweet old lady,” the colleague said. “That’s why it’s a little weird to me because I don’t know why it would happen. It’s not like she was mean or anything like that.”

After attacking Lynch, Jones hid in a hospital bathroom until he was forcibly removed by police. He now faces second-degree assault and attempted murder charges.

Brookdale University Hospital released a statement on the attack over the weekend.

“We are very saddened and shocked by this incident,” the statement says. “Our staff comes to work each day to serve the community and we expect that the respect we show our patients to be returned in kind.”

Sources: CBS, Mail Online


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