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Hospital Director In China Fired After Doctors Post Selfies Taken While Performing Surgery


High-ranking staff members at a hospital in China have been fired after doctors posted selfies taken while performing surgery.

The photos, taken in August at Fengcheng Hospital in Xi’an, show a group of doctors posing for photos in an operating room while an unconscious patient lies on the table. One in particular shows the doctors displaying ‘V’ hand gestures, symbolizing victory. They were leaked online this past weekend.

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According to the Daily Mail, public outrage forced health officials to respond when the photos were discovered, resulting in the termination of the hospital’s director, deputy director, head nurse and chief of anesthetics. Comments online criticized the health workers for their disrespect and unprofessionalism.

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Patients in China have been critical of the country’s healthcare system for years. As the Daily Mail reported, patients throughout the nation often complain of “poor medical services and high costs, especially the need to bribe doctors and nurses in exchange for competent services.” Health workers have also complained that they are underpaid and overworked.

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The Xi’an Bureau of Public Health said that while the photos were allegedly taken to “memorialize” the operating room, which was reportedly about to be relocated, the photos still violated protocol. The Bureau, which was responsible for the firings, also demanded that the hospital issue an apology for the incident.  

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