Mom Accuses Daycare Of Lying After Child Hospitalized


After her two-year-old daughter was burned and sent to a hospital, one Florida mother is accusing a daycare of lying to her about what caused the injuries.

“I just want answers. I want the truth. I don’t think we really got the truth,” the mother, Ena Martinez, said, WSVN reports.

Daycare owner Esperanza Ospina had reportedly left two-year-old Leah temporarily with her 22-year-old daughter to attend an appointment in August 2015.

At some point, Ospina explained, the child fell out of her daughter’s sight and knocked over a cup of hot tea all over herself.

Leah was sent to an intensive care unit and had to spend the night. The child received second and third-degree burns.

“She said that Leah had got burned, not to freak out,” Martinez said, recalling the phone call she first received.

Yet when Martinez saw the condition her daughter was in, she found Ospina’s story hard to believe.

“She’s completely burned, from over here, her chest, her stomach, her thigh,” Martinez said, pointing to photos of the child’s burns. “I don’t think she really did get burned with a cup of hot tea, I mean how hot was she drinking her tea?”

Martinez says her child’s wounds have caused her great anguish.

“I want to cry,” she said. “It makes me sad because I never wanted Leah -- I would never wish anyone to experience that with their kids. It’s really hard. It makes me mad. It makes me really upset.”

Ospina’s family, meanwhile, denies the accusations.

“All those kids, that she takes care of, those are our kids too,” her husband, Diego Ospina, said.

Still, Martinez wants to pursue this further and say she will be filing a lawsuit.

“[Leah] asks me later, down the line, ‘Why didn’t you do anything for me? Why didn’t you fight for me?’ I’m her mom. That’s what I’m supposed to do,” she explained.

It’s not the first time in summer 2016 a daycare was allegedly responsible for a child’s burns, WRCB reports.

In Tennessee, a 14-month-old child burned his palms while playing on his daycare’s slide in hot weather.

Sources: WSVNWRCB / Photo credit: Haneburger/Wikimedia Commons

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