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Hoppy Beer Is Giving You Man Boobs

While drinking beer is usually considered to be a manly activity, certain kinds of beer may be causing some pretty unfortunate side effects.

Acclaimed author and herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner explained in his book ‘Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers’ that hops, which give beer their flavor, contain high levels of phytoestrogen, a plant estrogen. The chemical can be used to treat insomnia and menopause, but in men it can also contribute to the development of breasts and a form of impotence caused by heavy drinking, which is also known as “brewer’s droop.”

Another herbalist named Susan Weed has noted that hops can be used as a sleeping aid or painkiller, and also to help boost production of milk for lactating women.

Buhner told Vice News that long term exposure to phytoestrogen in hops can eventually cause difficulty sustaining erections. Other unwanted side effects of drinking hoppy beers, like IPAs, include premature aging, growth of man boobs and beer bellies, sluggishness, hair loss, and tooth decay, among others.

Drinking alcohol can also damage the liver, which can then lead to the male body converting androgens to estrogens, which can be another cause of breast development.

According to market research by Chicago firm IRI, IPAs accounted for one-fourth of all craft beer sales last year.

Sources: Fox News, Vice

Photo Credit: Fox News


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