Homeopaths Recommend Sugar Pills Instead of Vaccinations for Kids (Video)


While vaccine myths are growing in the U.S., it might come as a surprise that many Canadians are also jumping on the medical conspiracy bandwagon.

Several homeopaths, who are alternative health practitioners, recently told CBC.ca that vaccinations such as MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) could cause autism and were somehow dangerous (video below).

Homeopaths in Vancouver and Toronto made anti-vaccine statements such as, "Babies are getting too much stimulation of their immature immune systems" and "We’re creating a real generation of sickly kids."

CBC.ca reporter Erica Johnson interviewed parents who seemed to be buying into of these myths, which came as a shock to medical professionals.

Johnson also interviewed a mom whose daughter ended up in the hospital with whopping cough, which can be transmitted by other children who have not been vaccinated.

However, the homeopaths played down dangerous childhood diseases.

"Many diseases that children are vaccinated against, their risk of getting is very low," claimed one homeopath.

Another homeopath made the extraordinary claim, "Measles is not, is a, really not a dangerous disease."

A third homeopath claimed that if kids got measles over the age of one "then it's actually a fairly harmless disease."

Instead of vaccinations, some of the homeopaths sell remedies that are basically sugar pills, notes The Friendly Atheist.

These remedies, "nosodes," are supposedly made of extremely diluted diseased tissue or excretion. Homeopaths claim that the memory of the original diseases in "nosodes" can somehow create immunity.

Nosodes are not approved by Health Canada as an alternative to vaccines.

Sources: CBC.ca, The Friendly Atheist


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