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Homeless Man Timothy Henry Gray Dies Before Inheriting $19M of Huguette Clark's Fortune

Timothy Henry Gray, a long-lost heir to the $300 million Huguette Clark fortune, was found dead Thursday in Evanston, Wyo. before he could claim the unexpected windfall.

Gray, who was Clark’s 60-year-old homeless half great-nephew, was set to inherit $19 million from Clark. The heiress died at age 104 in May 2011.

Gray was found under a Union Pacific Railroad overpass and had died of hypothermia, according to NBC. Gray’s three siblings — Gerald Gray, Celia Gray Cummings and Alice Gray Coelho — told the Associated Press that their brother ran off in 1990 after the death of their mother. The three will likely split their brothers’ share of the fortune, which will amount to an additional $6.3 million each.

Currently, Clark’s familial heirs (21 total) are pursuing legal action in order to receive their inheritance due to Clark’s signing of two separate wills, the second of which did not mention any family members. Clark was long known to be a recluse and lived out the last decades of her life in New York area hospitals.

Attorney John Morken, who is representing many of the potential heirs, told Mail Online that the family is arguing Clark was not in a fit state when she signed the second will. The second will divides Clark’s estate between her goddaughter, nurse, attorney, accountant, a New York hospital, her doctor, a museum, and a few employees at an art foundation, according to Mail Online.

Clark inherited her fortune from her father, U.S. Senator William Andrews Clark, who was also a copper miner, railroad builder, and the founder of Las Vegas.


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