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Homeless Man Shot by Police at Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton (Video)

A homeless man was shot by campus police officers at Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton this morning (video below).

According to WPTV-TV,  police officers received a non-emergency call at 10:01 a.m. of a homeless man on the roof of a campus building.

"Preliminarily, it appears the suspect produced a knife and shots were fired," FAU Police Chief Charles Lowe told WPTV-TV. "The suspect was struck. He was transported in serious condition to Delray Medical Center."

Lowe could not comment if the man was threatening the officers.  No officers were hurt and no civilians were injured.

The State Attorney's Office and Boca Raton police will be investigating  the incident.

"An incident on the FAU campus was isolated and the situation is under control. Boca police is assisting FAU Police - Campus NOT on lockdown." Boca Raton police tweeted.

While there was no official lockdown, people who work in the building where the shooting occurred were not being allowed in for a period of time during the investigation, which sounds excatly like a lockdown.

"There were police, fire trucks and lots of undercover cops coming into the scene, so we tried to go out the back door and were told to get back inside," said campus employee Rob Flippo.

Source: WPTV-TV


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