Holistic Website Details Quitter's Natural Stop Smoking Aids


Many people are looking for the magic bullet to help them quit smoking. While nothing replaces behavior modification and the desire to quit, many products are available to manage cravings, and provide oral gratification.

These products come with side effects, some coming with significant health risks such as drugs that attempt to lessen the desire to smoke. This leads many quitters to look for alternatives to drugs and nicotine replacement aids.

Natural-Holistic-Health.com has compiled a list of products developed to aid quitters. This list includes herbal supplements, such as RXHale and Crave-RX, mineral balancing remedies like NicoTonic, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy products. To see the complete list, visit natural-holistic-health.com.

While these products will not substitute for the advice of a physician, enlisting them into a quit plan may give some quitters the edge they need to quit. As with any new product, if you have any health condition or are taking any prescription medications, herbal supplements can interact with these. Contact your doctor before starting any new therapies.

Source: natural-holistic-health.com


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