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Hockey Mom Gina O'Toole Drops Purse, Stops Fight

Sarah Palin isn’t the only momma grizzly classing it up on camera these days.

Avowed “Hockey Mom” Gina O’Toole crashed the ice at her son’s hockey game swinging a pocketbook to put an end to an extended fight.

O’Toole was watching from the stands when a large brawl broke out on the rink. The referees stood by, unwilling to break it up; O’Toole was not as passive.

She stomped right out there, waving her bag and browbeat the referees into taking some action.

What happened next is even more interesting. The purse-wielding hockey mom who single-handedly put an end to a violent youth hockey fight became something of a folk hero in the Boston area.

No one knew her name, but everyone knew her story. Her mythology seemed to grow by the hour until she finally revealed herself on GMA and explained why she took such dramatic action – and why she held on to her purse.

“I’ve seen fights usually between one or two children,” said O’Toole. “And the refs usually step in immediately and break it up. That didn’t happen. I just found myself opening the gate and walking onto the ice and saying ‘Hey! You need to get control of this game. What are you doing?”

As for the purse, O'Toole told GMA, "What was I supposed to do with it?"

See the video below:

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