Hockey Family Wants Teen Michael Way Charged with Criminal Assault and Battery for on-Ice Hit


It’s an age-old debate in peewee hockey – has the checking gotten out of hand?

One Massachusetts family answered a resounding “yes” when they sought legal council to pursue criminal charges against a high school player that landed a vicious hit on their son, causing him to suffer a serious concussion. The parents of Duxbury High School senior Tucker Hannon are now trying to slap Scituate High School player Alex Way with criminal assault and battery charges.

The prosecution is related to an arguably legal hit delivered by Way after Hannon fired a shot on the Scituate goalie during a game between the two schools.

The Hannon case presents an interesting conundrum from the criminal legal system, though it’s going to be a tough sell for the Hannons to overcome the “assumption of risk” doctrine. The standard defense for these kinds of claims goes as follows: checking is part of the game of Hockey, as is the potential for injury. Any time a player voluntarily steps onto the ice he or she assumes the risk that he or she will be 1) hit and/or 2) hurt.

Check out video of the cheap shot below and see what you think:


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