HIV Positive Nurse Injects Baby With Needle She Used On Herself


A Ugandan woman has been arrested after allegedly using a needle infected with HIV on a two-year-old child.

The baby’s parents discovered Rosemary Namubiru, a nurse at Victoria Medical Centre, injecting their child with a needle after taking the baby girl to the hospital for a treatment. It was discovered soon after that Namubiru herself was HIV positive and had used a needle on the baby that had made contact with her own blood.

“She was caught injecting the baby with a syringe that she had earlier used on herself,” said Kampala Metropolitan spokesman Ibin Ssenkumbi. “When the investigations are over, police will send the file to the Directorate of Public Prosecution for sanctioning.”

Namubiru claims that she accidentally pricked herself with the needle while trying to administer a shot to the baby and that she didn’t intend to infect the child, but authorities are still investigating whether or not that is true.

“She is a qualified nurse who was enrolled in 2011,” said Victoria Medical Centre lawyer Nicholas Opio of Namubiru. “We ask the public to respect the non-derogable right of the accused person. We also ask the public to respect the privacy of the patient and the family in this investigation.”

Police are holding Namubiru while the investigation continues. Authorities are also investigating claims that Namubiru has been doing this act deliberately for an extended amount of time.


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