It is an honor to help spread the word about a new book written by, Kim Brittingham, READ MY HIPS: NOW I LEARNED TO LOVE MY BODY, DITCH DIETING, AND LIVE LARGE, published by Three Rivers Press.

With all of the negative press these days about the “truthiness” and lax fact checking of memoirs, the authenticity of, Read MyHips, is refreshing and satisfying. Anyone who has spent their life dieting, been teased about their weight, or longed to be loved for WHO they are and not WHAT they look like, will know from page one that THIS book is the real deal. Written with humor, poignancy, and indisputable accuracy, Ms. Brittingham gives the reader permission and valid reasons for ditching dieting and learning to love their bodies HIPS and ALL!!
With International No Diet Day being celebrated on May 6th, this is THE perfect time to be inspired by Ms Brittingham’s work.  Once you have read this voluptuous collection of auto-biographical stories that invites the reader to,
“see her fat, accept it as a part of her striking whole, and acknowledge she’d be remarkable with or without it”

it will be difficult not taking a step on the road that Kim maps out for her audience. 

Clearly those of us who resonate with Ms Brittingham’s experiences will savor the flavors of familiarity, giggle and cry in recognition of ourselves and cheer for each victory achieved by the author for attaining,
“radical self acceptance, believing myself attractive and worthy of love and respect.”

More importantly perhaps, is the possibility that this book will find its way into the hands, eyes, and minds of people currently unaware of Ms. Brittingham’s point of view. Read My Hipsis so engaging that these newcomers will begin to embrace the concepts of size diversity, futility of dieting, and ultimately eliminate fat bias from their personal menus of social interaction.

Our Minds are Open!

As the size of Kim Brittingham’s audience increases (pun intended) let’s hope that International No Diet Day can be Every Day.



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