High School to Open Gender-Neutral Changing Room


The Soedra Latins upper secondary school (high school) in Sodermaim, Sweden, recently announced that a gender-neutral changing room will open on May 6 because the students requested it, noted the Associated Press.

"[The school officials] were very positive and welcoming, but we had to figure out how to do it practically," student union member Camille Trombetti told theDaily Mail.

"Every human being deserves a place where they feel comfortable. I'd remind people that hundreds of people commit suicide every year because they feel they are born into the wrong sex and don't feel their surroundings accept the gender they identify with."

Trombetti added that the changing space wasn't just for transgender students, but for anyone who wanted a private area to change, but did not want to be confined to a room specifying gender.

In addition to the upcoming gender-neutral changing room, Soedra Latins' student council has asked teachers to use gender neutral pronouns when referring to students.

The changing room will be dedicated in May by artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, who is known for her photography on the topic of gay rights in Sweden.

Sources: Daily Mail and Associated Press


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