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High Fructose Corn Syrup Rebrands as "Corn Sugar"

Don't call it high fructose corn syrup: its new name is corn sugar. The Corn Refiners Association has decided to rebrand the much-maligned sweetener after the onslaught of bad press its received. 

The CRA's new website,, explains the reasoning behind the name change: "The name 'corn sugar' more accurately reflects the source of the food (corn), identifies the basic nature of the food (a sugar), and discloses the food's function (a sweetener)."

Of course, we all know the real reason is to convince everyone that "corn sugar" is much healthier than HFCS, and to stall, for as long as possible, the public's realization that they're actually the same thing.

It's true that research is still ongoing as to whether HFCS - sorry, "corn sugar" - is really that much worse for you than regular table sugar, but rebranding the stuff isn't going to address the real issue in this country, which is the obesity epidemic.

The key is moderation for all sugars. What's not going to help this cause? Corn companies attempting to deceive us as to exactly what sugars we're really putting in our bodies.


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