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Here's Why You Have Leg Cramps At Night - Prevent Them By Doing This!

There's a surprising reason why you might be getting leg cramps during the night -- and you can prevent it from happening again with some very useful tips.

Night leg cramps are spasms that often occur in the lower leg, thigh, or foot, and can lead to very sharp pains that last as long as a few minutes. Night leg cramps, Good Morning Center reported, can be caused by sitting for too long, not sitting correctly, using certain kinds of medications, doing certain exercises, and even alcoholism. 

What’s the best way to prevent and remedy these painful cramps? Something as simple as a heating pad can alleviate the symptoms, and you can build endurance and leg strength by doing water exercises and consuming more magnesium. 

Also, taking a warm bath before going to sleep can go a long way, as can stretching before bed and wearing ergonomic shoes. 

Good Morning Center detailed other methods of treating muscle spasms that occur during sleep.     

  • Sit on the floor and put the legs in front of you. Then, bend the feet and point the toes toward your knees. Gently pull the feet to stretch the legs better.
  • Slowly get up, slightly turn around, and shake the legs to stimulate the blood flow.
  • Rub the area with circular motions.
  • To soothe the discomfort, you should consume a tablespoon of yellow mustard.

Readers across the internet who experienced leg pain responded to offer their own remedies. 

“My doctor told me that Short of potassium can cost leg cramps, eat more banana, for its so rich in potassium.and it does works for me,so It wouldn't hurt to try,” one Newsiosity reader commented.

"I drink two ounces of tonic water before going to bed," added another. "It nasty tasting but it works. It has Quinine in it. I am diabetic so I drink the diet. It works for me. I take camping on trips any where I am going over night it goes with me.” another added. 

Sources: Good Morning CenterNewsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: Newsiosity

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