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Man Eats Chipotle Every Day For One Year (Photos)

A Washington man has been eating Chipotle every single day for almost a full year to prove a point about fitness.

On July 24, 2016, Devin Cunningham of Bellevue, Washington, will have eaten Chipotle every day for 366 days straight. 

The fitness fanatic is conducting an experiment in which he seeks to prove that people can consume fast food and stay healthy as long as they pay attention to portion sizes. 

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"A lot of people when they start dieting they will go on these crash diets or these fad diets and they will [give up] pretty quickly because they not eating the foods they want to eat," Cunningham told KCPQ.

Cunningham started his challenge on July 24, 2015. He says he will order a variety of foods from the burrito chain, changing his order depending on what he wants to accomplish at the time.

For example, he says he will order double meat and guacamole if he is trying to bulk up, according to Daily Mail. He uses a food scale to measure his portion sizes.

When Cunningham started his challenge, his goal was to gain weight. He gained roughly 16 pounds, making his weight 172 lbs., by eating extra meat, guacamole, rice, beans and salsa. 

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After gaining weight, Cunningham said he started cutting certain foods out to bring his weight back down. He measured portions of meat, cheese and rice separately and also added foods such as lettuce, pico de gallo, corn salsa, peppers and onions.

Cunningham was able to bring his weight down to 146 pounds by changing what he ordered, according to KCPQ.

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Cunningham says despite eating Chipotle every day, he still isn't sick of the restaurant chain.

"They have enough variety that I am able to switch up my meals enough to not get sick of it," he said.

Cunningham shared his progress and photos of his receipts throughout the year on Instagram to prove he really eats Chipotle every day.

Sources: KCPQDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Devin Cunningham via KCPQ

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