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Here's What Happens When You Tattoo Your Eyes Black (Photo)

A Brooklyn rapper known as “Mace” was rushed to the hospital after he had his eyes tattooed black.

A recent trend in rap music has inspired certain musical artists to perform the irreversible procedure. Mace, born Derick Walters, suffered complications in his right eye following the procedure. The rapper has since claimed he is feeling better.

“My eyes feel better now,” Mace wrote on Facebook. “On medication for 2 weeks! Thank God i didn’t get blind thoe [sic].”

While some have argued that Mace’s black eyes are achieved by contacts, photos of the rapper with bandages across his eye seem legitimate.

Though Mace walked away from the procedure seemingly feeling okay, there are fears that others who undergo the process will be blinded. Despite potential complications, however, tattooing the eye is relatively painless since there are no nerve endings in that particular part of the body.

One tattoo artist from Happy Sailor tattoo in Hackney argued that the process of tattooing a person’s eye isn’t tattooing, exactly, but injecting. He noted that the ink should be administered by doctors, not tattoo artists.

In 2013, Brazilian man Rodrigo Fernando had his eyes tattooed a darker color. The process involved a special syringe that could inject ink into the whites of his eyes. Fernando reportedly “cried” ink for two days following the procedure.

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Sources: MirrorDailyMail / Photo Credit: Mirror


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