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Here's What Happened After Model Sarah Stage's Baby Bump Selfie Went Viral (Photo)

A 30-year-old lingerie model is speaking out to defend her pregnancy body after critics claimed that her trim and toned figure could be harmful to her unborn child.

Sarah Stage’s baby is due in about a week, but that didn’t stop the model from snapping a photo of her extremely fit body on Monday, writing that she has 10 days until she meets baby James.

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Stage spoke out after previous photos, in which she doesn’t look anywhere near eight-and-a-half months pregnant, caused commotion among some of her Instagram followers before going viral.

"The doctor said my baby is healthy,” Stage told Entertainment Tonight. “All my girlfriends that are pregnant now, their bellies are a lot bigger, so I asked him, and he started laughing. He was like, 'You're fine.’”

Monday's post has gained more than 7,500 comments, with some calling Stage beautiful and wishing her the best. But others were critical in their remarks and claimed that her small frame could cause health problems for the baby.

"This is how she looks 10 days before delivery. I already look like this,” one commenter wrote.

Stage revealed that she’s gained only about 20 pounds during her pregnancy, which experts say is perfectly normal. Note that women should gain between 20 and 40 pounds throughout their pregnancy.

“The fact that she looks skinny on Instagram does not mean her baby growth is restricted or too small,” Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a practicing Ob/Gyn, told ABC News. “It has nothing to do [with] if you can see her muscles [or] if her uterus is the perfect size, and she has gained an amount of weight that is acceptable.”

Sources: Entertainment Tonight via Fox NewsABC News / Photo Credit: Sarah Stage/Instagram


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