Spotted Bananas Have Surprising Health Benefits (Video)


Many people know at least some of the health benefits of bananas, but did you know that when bananas begin developing brown spots, they are even more beneficial to your body?  See for yourself (video below).

Some people may be conditioned to throw away bananas as they begin to brown, claiming that they are overripe and are going bad. However, research has proven this to be far from the truth.

Brown spots on bananas actually indicate the fruit’s ripeness and signify higher levels of TNF, or Tumor Necrosis Factor, which helps your body fight cancer cells, says Q Political.

TNF can help fight tumor growth and prevent cancer, but that’s not the only thing ripe bananas can help your body with. 

Bananas have been proven to help prevent heartburn, help blood pressure, give you energy, treat constipation, and prevent muscle cramping after exercise, among other things.

So the next time your bananas begin to show brown spots, make sure you don’t throw them away. There are so many benefits to eating ripe bananas that you may want to make them part of your daily routine.

Sources: QYouTube / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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