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Here's How Fashion Icon Donatella Versace Looks Today After Several Cosmetic Procedures (Photos)

Fashion designer Donatella Versace arrived in São Paulo on Tuesday for Fashion Week, unveiling a new look that stunned everyone in attendance.

Versace was in São Paulo, looking like she was “about to melt,” according to MailOnline.

Twenty years ago, she had natural full lips and smooth skin, but stepping off a flight earlier this week, the 59-year-old fashion icon is almost unrecognizable.

“Her skin is very shiny which is a symptom of too much Botox and laser resurfacing used to smooth the skin,” Dr. Aamer Khan told the Daily Mail. “I think there is bone loss in her lower jaw so there may have been an implant.”

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In 1997, Versace still seemed natural, fresh face and looked younger than her 43 years. The following year, the Italian designer allegedly underwent cosmetic surgery, and the heavier make-up reflects her desire to be taken more seriously.

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In 2002, two years after her divorce with American model husband Paul Beck, she appeared with a face more like the one fans know today.

“She may also have had more invasive procedure,” Vicki Smith of Absolute Aesthetics tells the Daily Mail, suggesting Versace has had regular fillers.

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Smith is not alone in her thinking. Dr. Bruce Katz from Juva Skin & Laser Center in New York also believes that Versace has had some work done, telling “[She has] had her cheeks augmented, probably with filler and certainly her lips have been filled, her eyelids are a little droopy. I think she has had some bad Botox because they look like they are drooping. Maybe a little too much Botox in the forehead. She certainly can use some filler in her ear lobes, they are very stretched.”

While Versace is certainly not the only celebrity who has undergone cosmetic procedures, the Daily Mail dubbed her as a “human waxwork.” She also wore a tight-fitting purple dress to show off her figure during the Fashion Week event Thursday.

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