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5 Ways to Save Money at Starbucks

Today we've got a list of five ways to save money at Starbucks. And no, one of them isn't, "For the love of God, stop going to Starbucks." These tips come straight from Starbucks employees. 

Some you may know, some you probably won't . . .

#1.)  Take advantage of their refill policies. If you keep your Starbucks cup, you can get a coffee refill anytime for 50 cents. If you bring in your own reusable cup, you get 10 cents off. And if you bring a big one, sometimes some extra coffee.

#2.)  Get a Starbucks card. Using their rewards card, you end up with plenty of free drinks and refills.

#3.)  Make a "poor man's latte." Instead of ordering a latte, go SUPER ghetto and order an espresso over ice in a large cup. Then go over to their "condiments" station and fill the rest of the cup up with their free milk.

#4.)  Don't order the bananas or bagels. The pastries at Starbucks are pretty good and fairly priced.  But the bananas are more expensive than ones you'd get at a grocery store, and the bagels are known to be fairly low quality.

#5.)  Make your own iced drink. When you order an iced drink, you get a lot less actual coffee or tea because the ice takes up so much space. For a better value, you can order a hot drink . . . then order a cup with ice, and pour in your drink.


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