Review: Sportline Heart-Rate Monitor Helps You Reach Fitness Goals


I’ve been working out with a heart-rate monitor for a long time now, and I absolutely love it. Not only does it tell me how hard I’m working, but it also tells me when I need to pick up the pace, and it gives me a great estimate of how many calories I’ve burned.

Not to mention that being in “the zone” can help you reach your fitness and weight-loss goals. Basically, a heart-rate monitor is knowledge—and knowledge is power!

We recently tried Sportline’s DUO 1060 heart-rate monitor watch and were pretty impressed. The heart-rate reading is pretty accurate because it has a chest-belt (you can use the watch without a chest-belt, but in our experience the chest-belt is always the way to go no matter what the marketing says), and the watch is small and totally cute (I’m such a sucker for the white-and-yellow color combo).

And the coolest part? Like this heart-rate monitor watch that we adored, it has a touch screen! No matter how big the face of a watch is, sometimes when you’re working out (especially running), it can be hard to actually read what’s on the screen, but with just a touch, the watch will toggle to your current heart rate in big numbers. If you’ve never used a heart-rate watch before, just trust me that this feature is bad ass.

At $119.99, it is an investment, but one that we think is totally worth it. Again, knowledge is power! Do you have a heart-rate monitor? Find out how you can make the most of heart-rate training here! —Jenn


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