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Heart Attack Grill Burger Claims Second Victim

The Las Vegas restaurant famous for its absurdly caloric meals and waitresses in skimpy, nurse outfits felled another patron this week.

Jon Basso, the owner of the Heart Attack Grill told local TV station KVVU that a woman collapsed in his restaurant Saturday night after eating, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. (See a photo of the woman being carted out below.)

It is not yet known whether the fatty food on the Heart Attack menu contributed to the woman’s episode. She is the second person to suffer actual heart problems in the grill this year. In February, a man had to be hospitalized after downing a “Triple Bypass Burger.”

Even before this recent health scare, the Heart Attack Grill has been criticized by numerous outside observers for glorifying the unhealthy eating habits at the center of the American obesity epidemic. Basso’s food items include the aforementioned “Triple Bypass Burger” and the “Flatliner” fries. People who weigh in at over 350 pounds eat free.

Neither the condition of the woman stricken nor her identity was revealed to the press. Basso confirmed that she was carried out of the restaurant by paramedics.

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