Healthy Girl Banned From School Over Ebola Fears, Parents Sue (Video)


A family in Milford, Conn., is suing a school for banning their daughter Ikeoluwa Opayemi, 7, over Ebola fears.

Opayemi and her father recently flew to Nigeria for a wedding, but when they returned on Oct. 13, the child was not allowed in Meadowside Elementary, reports CBS News (video below).

Nigeria has not had an Ebola case since Aug. 31 and is Ebola-free, according to the World Health Organization.

The family has not been placed under any type of quarantine and is free to go wherever they want, except school.

Their lawsuit claims Opayemi is being discriminated against because of a "perceived impairment," which is "a blatant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

The lawsuit also says that the school district's health director Dr. Dennis McBride told Opayemi that she would have to remain at home until Nov. 3 "due to concern from certain parents and teachers that she could transmit Ebola to other children."

However, concerns that contradict scientific facts may be a problem for the school.

“This is a child that is perfectly healthy,” the family's lawyer Gary Phelan told WTNH. “Her pediatrician has examined her. She is fine. There are no problems whatsoever. There is no reason to fear her. It’s not anything with her, but the reaction of those who made the decision in the city.”

Ironically, Meadowside Elementary is sending a tutor to the little girl's house every day.

“Perhaps what is really driving this is the fear of the public, that they are just trying to avoid, rather than deal with this issue,” added Phelan.

Sources: CBS News, WTNH, World Health Organization


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